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Best Warframe

Warframe is one of the best, if not the best, online games to play for free. Surprisingly, this does not seem to attract the attention it deserves. Because of the steep learning curve of Warframe. It has settings at the top of the system that you can not leave because you can disable yourself if you do this.


To add to that, there are several battle frames to choose from. There are 99 machines in each place, and they have their own abilities. You can treat them as characters, which makes familiarization with MOBA easier. Currently, there are 39 available warframes (without Strong Prime types). 


Some are certainly better than others. In addition, when choosing the most efficient machine, you need to keep in mind three main categories: Damage Per Second (DPS), Survival and Congestion Control (CC). With this in mind, here are the best warframes that are at least one of the best. It is also important to choose the Warframe builds based on the mission types. 




List of best Warframes:


Nezha is a fast and active version of Rhino. He also has a similar ability, called Warding Halo, which gives him a ton of armor and is hard to kill. On top of that, Nezha's other abilities have a lot of synergy and functionality. Its first skill, Firewalker, can surprise enemies and deal damage to them, which also speeds Neja.

Meanwhile, his second skill, the Burning Chakra, can provide you with healing orbs when you need to quickly restore your health. Its ultimate power, Divine Spears, just puts the icing on the cake, but still serves as good crowd control and freezes many enemies.



Do you ever want to separate your opponents before they see you? This is where the saryn excels; It has an excellent DPS frame and is great for shooting down all enemies within 50 yards. Make it more powerful is its first ability, Spore, which deals damage to enemies, spreads to other enemies and destroys their armor.

Combined with his third skill, Toxic Lash and his ultimate ability, Mizma, he can destroy any enemy on the map. However, the Sarion is not very good for survival, a very soft glass cannon if you will. Therefore, this is where his second ability, the Molt, comes into action because it will regenerate his health even if he fires and modifies the enemy's fire.



Noah is worthy of his name. She can kill everything she sees and all her abilities are automatically useful to her. However, what really strikes Noah is his ultimate talent, the molecular head. Depending on how you control the indicated ability, it can slow down or accelerate enemies, as well as causing widespread double damage. 

However, unlike Sarian, Noah is not a glass cannon. He will be a lifesaver for his talented first star. This can reduce damage by up to 90%. Thus, not only is Noah untouchable, but it can prevent any attack that occurs in its molecular nucleus.



One of the newest war structures to get your own version of Primate is Mesa, one of the best war structures you can have. Whether you tremble or Mesa Prime regularly, he is easily the best fighting builder for DPS. Because of his ultimate talent, he is the mediator who unfortunately kills all the enemies that cross your armchair. It's not a question of their status.

In addition, Mesa has two additional abilities that place him in a tank or survival frame. The first is his second talent, a shooting room and a melee that neutralizes the weapons of nearby enemies. The second is his third skill, Shutter Shield, which minimizes the damage of all colors that Mesa takes. Combine these two with Peacemaker and you become a killing machine.



Octavia is a very versatile warfare structure and now dominates the game. He can shoot enemy fire and do a lot of damage. However, Octavia usually shines with her immense invisible skills, which can be shared with the entire team, which means that all of you in a team can be invisible to Octavia.

Basically, other irrelevant Octavia warframes like Loki. Eventually, it can become permanently invisible, reducing the amount of damage. It's like cheating in times of war.



You have to complete the mission to get the Warframe. These are warframes are suited for all types of missions and selected based on the votes of players. Also, share your favorite warframe with us.